Friday, October 3, 2014

October Block Posted & Name That Pattern Contest!

I am frantically working to get ready for Quilt Market the end of this Month.  I have been putting on binding and hanging sleeves and working on the final edits on my new patterns.  Trying to keep up with this BOM and another I am doing for my guild has been fun but frenzied.

Here is the October free Flower Fiesta block of the month.  Be sure to mosey over to my BOM page and download your free block.  Missed some?  They are available for sale on my website for just $3.50 a pattern!  And for the next week they are 20% off!

Pattern Sale!

And as a special gift to all my readers who have stuck with me through this crazy year, I am offering a 20% discount on all patterns on my website for one week! Now you can get those missed block of the month blocks at 20% off!!

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At checkout use coupon code MGD20% and your discount will be deducted from your total purchase.  Hurry because this coupon code is only good through October 11, 2014.

Here is another new pattern which will be coming out this month at Quilt Market.  The patterns will be available on my website by November 1.

I just got it back from the quilter and am going to bind it this weekend.  I'll post a picture of the finished quilt after I am done this weekend.  It really came out nicely.

Finally, I need your help.  I am not convinced I like the name for this pattern.  I have been calling it Pale Pavers.  UGH! ot thrilling!

 Leave a comment with a suggestion for this pattern name.  

If I select yours I will send you a copy of the pattern for Free!  You always have such great suggestions.  I can't wait to hear what you come up with this time.


  1. Harlequin (did I spell that right?)

    Dancing Diamonds

    Delightful Diamonds

    Diamond Delight

    Diamond Delite


  3. Diamonds in the Rough. Totally fun pattern :)

  4. Royal Diamonds
    Forever Diamonds
    Ultimately Diamonds

  5. Diamond Radiance
    Dazzling Diamonds
    A very nice pattern Reeze! Thanks!

  6. Diamond Jubilee
    Diamonds in Color
    Diamonds As You Like It

    Great pattern, Reeze!

  7. Diamond Rainbow
    Diamond Girl
    Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend
    Diamonds Are Forever

    Love the pattern!

  8. Diamond Elegance, Diamond in the Sun, Sunny Diamonds - a beautiful pattern that reminds me of arts and crafts windows. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Argyle is my suggestion. It is really lovely and will look great in brights or in more subtle colors.

  10. Harlequin
    I really like it in the colours you have chosen!

  11. Diamond Drops
    Dripping Diamonds
    Marquis Diamonds

  12. Be careful not to push yourself so hard that you don't enjoy Quilt Market! Your designs are absolutely wonderful!
    I had several ideas for your new quilt, but it seems that others beat me to the draw.
    My first was "Diamonds In The Rough"
    My second was "Diamond Pathway".
    I'll add a third, "Diamond Maze".

  13. Desert Windows is what I thought of. Very pretty quilt!
    my email is;


I'd love to know what you think! Thanks for sharing your ideas.