Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Day

Some days I just can't leave well enough alone.  I am designing two block of the months this year.  One for my quilt guild and one for my blog.  They have a few blocks in common but are really quite different.  So I am playing around with settings for the guild BOM and this is what I have pretty much decided on.

Kaw Valley Quilt Guild Block of the Month Setting.

I added the modern touch of stripes as frames for the blocks and really like how it looks with the black sashing. The blocks are a variety of sizes with a couple of really big blocks in there.

Now here is where I went wacky.  I took those two big blocks and turned them into borders and then made all the rest of the blocks 12" squares and then added a few more blocks I have been playing around with just for fun.

Deco Gardens on steroids.

I kinda like it.  :-)  Not that I will ever make it, you understand.  But it really has that busy nouveau look that I like.

Then I had to see what it would look like with a black background.  This is the part about never being able to leave well enough alone.

Deco Gardens on Steroids at Night

The lesson in this for me is "don't design a quilt that I am not willing to write a pattern for."  Yup, this falls right smack dab into that category.  But I had fun playing with the design in EQ7 on the start of my long 3 day weekend.

But what the heck. . . tomorrow is my 60th birthday, so if I put a candle in this it will make a great cake!  Happy day to all of my birthday twins who share January 18 with me, and my nephew Tim up in heaven.  He didn't get to have many birthdays, but at least he got a good birth date!  :-)

I started looking at cakes and found some I would really like to have!  I didn't go to cake wrecks, altho they have a great selection.  I found plenty of great ones in a google search!

 This one is really cute!  I love the teapot and cups.

And this one has such great colors. . . and M & Ms!!!  Yum.  But these may be my favorites:

I love this camp fire cake.  Reminds me of summer by the lake.  I understand the glass of wine but the baby bottle?  Must be for my grandson.  His 1st birthday is January 21.

This may be just a bit more liquor than I can drink on my birthday, but the idea has merit.

Ok, this is more like it.  I am more of a wine girl than a liquor person.

And this one is even better.  Enough to go around.  I like a good wine tapper.

Now if I leave it up to my kids I am probably going to get one like this:

or perhaps this

but the very best is just chocolate!  Yummmm



  1. Happy birthday. All the designs ate amazing especially the one on steroids. You are so talented. Too bad it won't become a pattern

  2. Happy Birthday, Reeze! Hope it is a wonderful day and year for you. The cakes are so creative. I would choose the last one also. Oh my stars! Those quilts are stunners! I swore I'd never make another quilt on black - thought I'd go blind - but Deco Gardens at Night is changing my mind. Love all three - your designs are incredible.

  3. Gorgeous quilts, and I hope you have a very lovely birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you got to do all the things you love today!

  6. Happy Birthday, generous person!! :)

  7. Cumpleaños feliz. Y un fuerte aplauso por tu creatividad

  8. My 69th is wed. Ill take one of those cakes please....


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