Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Official . . . oh and the February Block is Posted

It seems like I have been anticipating this date for years, but it is finally here.  I am now officially retired.

My first week of retirement was a whirlwind.  Last weekend was my grandson's first birthday and the festivities for that were a blast.  He is finally crawling and oh so cute as he expands his abilities everyday with new discoveries.

Then I flew to Milwaukee to do a presentation of vocal effectiveness on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was a great trip, but a very fast turn around and a bit of a cluster changing planes in Chicago.  Did I ever mention that O'Hare is my least favorite airport? Next time I have a layover in Chicago I am bringing roller skates.

I spent Thursday running errands all over Lawrence, and still didn't get everything done in town I had planned.  I was pleased to take 10 boxes of theatre play scripts (remnants of my life as a theatre teacher) to KU to donate to their theatre department script library.  Perhaps some graduate student will enjoy them as I once did.

I filled 2 dumpsters cleaning out my office at work. . . .holy mackerel, who knew I had all that junk.  With great sadness I parted with all my high school and college papers.  Yup I really did save all that stuff. . . for years!  It was a real catharsis to let it all go and topple the boxes into the dumpster.  I shredded old student records, pay stubs going back 20 years. . . . .oh my, I had no idea what a pack rat I was.

Now I have a small -but dwindling- mountain of stuff in my living room which I brought home from my office.  My entire collection of cat figurines. . . books of poetry from my mother. . . 3' tall moving lighted flamingo. . . hey, you can't part with that stuff!!!!  I did get rid of the life size stuffed panther several years ago, and donated my jar of "ashes of problem students" to my replacement.

Today. . . Friday??. . . I cooked, baked, ran errands, shipped orders, scheduled new bookings, worked on email and organized my office.

Didn't some of you mention I would be busier after retirement than before??  LOL

Tomorrow I am going to a sew day with some friends and will enjoy a day completely devoted to working on my Deco Garden blocks!!  Phew!

So when does the relaxing start? :-)

Oh, I nearly forgot. . . block 2 is posted!  Enjoy.  If you make a block and send me a picture I will send you a free pattern by email.  Send the picture to reeze (at)


  1. LOL - I see you have a serious case of IBARs from the get go. Welcome to retirement! Thanks for posting the Feb block early. Have a fun Sew Day!

  2. Congratulations on your retirement...and your baptism by fire of what retirement is really like!!! Learning the usage of the work "no" will greatly reduce the craziness because everyone knows you are retired and have nothing to do with your days and nights!!! Enjoying your sewing time...schedule it in to your calendar first so it doesn't get swept away in the flood!

  3. Reese, the relaxing starts when you enter the house, kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine and sit with your feet up for something more than 20 min.! LOL!!

  4. I retired 3 years ago this month, and the very first morning I woke up, sat up
    saying to myself "Get up! You're retired now! You can't waste any time!" Today, I stayed in bed an extra two hours reading a good book. Somewhere between the two extremes will be your groove. Enjoy it!


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