Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thank You ACQ friends!

The members of the Arapahoe County Quilters in Denver are a talented and active group of quilters.  I had the pleasure of speaking to their guild February 11 on Color Confidence.  What a joyous group!  They enjoyed the program and the quilts and patterns I brought, and even laughed at my jokes!  Who could ask for more?

Special thanks to my hostess and chauffeur, Program Chair Patricia (not Pat) and President Pat (not Patricia).  You touched my heart and my funny bone.Rolling on the floor laughing

The next day I taught a Merry Go Round Quilt class, and look at these amazing projects.  Wish I had managed to get pictures of them all but I was a little slow with my camera.  They were all amazing, and I love how different each one was.  Thanks ladies, I loved my stay in Denver and hope to get back soon to visit.

And I am still laughing at COL* as an excuse for not being able to get up and do something.   (*Cat on Lap)  As I type I am slapping kitty paws off the keyboard from a COL.  Any misspellings are Buster’s not mine.Cat face

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  1. The Merry-go-round blocks look like a lot of fun! My cat used to sit on my lap while I sewed at the sewing machine, he got extremely upset if I had to get up for something and disturb him, but as soon as I sat back down, he was right back in his spot. LOL


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