Saturday, November 26, 2016

Deco Garden Bonus Block Half Price Sale - only in November

I know everyone loves a sale, and here is one just for those of you who love the Deco Garden Bonus Blocks I have been offering all year.  A one-time opportunity to get them for Half Price during the month of November.


Many of you have already taken advantage of this sale. Thank you!  I so appreciate your continued support and good wishes.  Here are a few more new blocks to tempt you.  I hope you enjoy the blocks, and the savings.

As always, if you send me a picture of a project you have made with one of these blocks, I will send you a free pattern for one of the new blocks of your choice.

Block 38 - Grapes. 
I grew up on a fruit farm in Northern Ohio and we had acres of concord grapes which we sold to Welches.  In addition, my dad also grew a few acres of wine grapes and made his own wine.  He supplied the wine for my wedding 33 years ago, a memory which always makes me smile when I think of my dad.

Block 39 - Gooseberries
I am not sure I have ever eaten a gooseberry, but I know they are really bitter and require quite a bit of sugar to make them palatable.  But they do make great jam and pie!

They are on sale only for the month of November!

Coming Soon!

Block 40 - Hyacinth
Coming soon!  Watch for this pattern coming next week. 
This is one of my favorite spring blooming bulbs.  I always planted a few in my yard.  Last year when they replaced my front porch and sidewalk all my bulbs were dug up in the process and my gentle hyacinths were one of the victims.  I am going to buy some more to replant this fall.  My favorite is actually a bright pink hyacinth which bears my real name:  Anne Marie.  Yup, the secret is revealed!  Reeze is a nickname I have used most of my life.  Now I have to scour the bulb catalogs to see if I can find another Anne Marie Hyacinth.  Anyone know where I can get one????

And just for fun, here is a pink hyacinth.

I have had more fun designing these blocks.  I thought you might enjoy a picture of all of them, well actually, this is most of them, not all, as they all wouldn't fit into 6 x 7 setting.  But it is most of them. 

Want to be a quilt tester?

My project for 2017 is to write a book featuring these and more Deco Garden blocks and a series of projects I am designing to go with them  If you are interested in helping with this project by making a project which will be featured in the book, send me an email. 

I am lining up projects for the book this winter.  You will receive a free pattern for the project.  You will use your own fabric and keep the resulting project.  All I ask is that you send it to me for photographing.  You will receive credit for the project in the book, and a free copy when it is published.

Sound like fun?  I would love a variety of techniques used: fusible web, needle turn, back basting,  freezer paper, wool applique, machine embroidery*
. . . . .

Interested?  Contact me at reeze at

Happy Quilting

*Do you digitize?  I would like to hire someone to digitize the files for me.  If you are interested please contact me to work out details.


  1. Hi - I would love to be a pattern tester!!! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Reeze, I would be glad to help out I have been quilting for over 30 years and I'm looking for something new to do. Nancy

  3. I would love to help. I have been a seamstress for the last 30 years and a few years back turned my skills to quilting. I have done all types of hand embroidery since I was a child, my grandmother taught me. robbry90@gmail

    1. Sorry my name is Robin. I pressed publish before I noticed reply as.

    2. I would love to sew samples for you I have been quilting for about 19 years. I love applique and your patterns. Thanks Elaine

  4. I would love to test the deco blocks/projects for you.

  5. Hi Reeze,
    Would love to help you with your sample blocks. I have been quilting since the 80's and have did both pieced and applique. I also love your patterns .


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