Monday, November 7, 2016

More Deco Gardens Bonus Blocks Available - November Half Price Sale

Just got back from Quilt Market and it was so much fun.  My brain is fried.

I need to get back into my daily rhythm of designing, sewing, and managing my media which has all taken a back seat to Market preparations for the last month.

My travel schedule for the year is nearly over and while I have a few weeks of rest and relaxation scheduled, I am also busy designing more Deco Gardens Bonus Blocks.  Sheesh, wish I could stop doing these, but each time I do a new one I get inspiration for 4 new ones.

So November is officially Half Price Sale Days

 on all Deco Garden Bonus Blocks.

Here are the newest ones:

Block 34 Dandy Lion

Block 35 Violets

Block 36 Big Blue
Let me know if you have a better name for this block and I will send you the pattern for free.

Block 37 Periwinkle
To see these and all the other Deco Garden Blocks on Sale CLICK HERE.  And Thanks to all my readers and subscribers.  You Rock!


  1. How about Blue-dacious instead of Big Blue?

  2. Hi Reese! I just bought a few of your Deco garden bonus blks - thanks for the sale. I noticed that the pages do not contain the 1 inch registration marks so I hope my printer printed them okay. I know I can start measuring to check the 12 inches though. Love your work!


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