Friday, January 3, 2020

New Patterns are Available

Two new patterns are available on the Morning Glory Designs website.  Northcott has been busy sending me fabric images, and I have been busy designing new patterns using those new lines.  Both of these patterns are available NOW on my website, and in store in January and February 2020.

Big Catch is one of those great panel patterns that you just can't screw up.  Ok, if you really work at you could, but it would take effort!  The panel is a beauty and makes a great wall hanging with just a simple set of borders.  The fabric line is called Catch of the Day and will be in stores this spring.

Its a view through a window at the harbor outside with fishing boats waiting to haul in their Big Catch.  A beautiful line of accompanying prints really makes this project gorgeous.  

The pattern also includes instructions for 3 placemats.  I think they are super cute and make a great table setting for your seaside or lakeside dining table.

Can't you just picture eating your lobster or crab legs on these placemats?  Yea, I sure can.  Not a seafood lover.  No problem, these fish don't smell or give you allergies.  They just showcase some really great new fabric from Northcott.

I have never met a victorian floral fabric that I didn't love.  And Botanica is a beautiful floral line from Northcott also coming to stores this spring.  It features a small panel which I thought did not need much embellishment.  So like Big Catch, I designed simple patterns which feature the panel used in three different size settings, and a set of placemats.

Postcard Trilogy features all three sizes and the placemat in one pattern.  The two smaller sized would make great wall hangings or table toppers.  The largest one would be a nice throw size.  Also a nice crib size if your are sewing for a nursery with a floral theme. 

And two other patterns will be out soon.  I am finishing up details for Sunrise and Sunset, another Northcott collection called The View from Here.  Really unique digitally printed panels.  I think this one will be a big hit. I already have pre-orders for more than 500 patterns!  I made both of these as samples for Fall Quilt Market and the fabric should be shipping by late spring or early summer.



Autumn Temple

Here is the quilt in the Northcott booth at Fall Quilt Market.

Thanks for taking a little stroll through my new stuff.

Stay tuned for my new block of the month for 2020!


  1. I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite. So beautiful!

  2. Stunning! I particularly love the sunrise and sunset designs.

  3. Fingers are twitching to get hold and start sunrise and sunset can’t wait but have to try and be patient

  4. Forwarded this info to my LQS, and volunteering to make her shop sample. Looks SO much like 1 of our local beaches here on the So. Oregon coast!

    1. Thanks so much Shirley. I really appreciate you sharing the pattern with your LQS. I am just finishing up the pattern instructions. Would you be willing to proofread? If so, send an email to

  5. I must echo Quiltsmiles - I particularly love the sunrise and sunset designs. Stunning! Thanks for sharing.


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