Thursday, January 9, 2020

New Classes Available in 2020

 I am working on developing some new classes this year.  Since I am focus more on teaching than on vending I wanted some new and different workshop options for guilds and shops.

The first is one I have been tossing around for a long time.  I love teaching my Merry Go Round quilt because it has so many setting options, and is so easy to make.  And talk about simple, all it takes is 1 jelly roll!

Look how cool it looks when you switch of the blocks a little bit.

Here are some pictures from a few of my classes.  I am always amazed by how different each one looks.  Some students pull fabric from their stash instead of using a jelly roll.  The results are always wonderful.

But here is one more setting I love, and I was thinking of doing a sample like this for a new class. 

I love it, but they said, oh what the hell, lets go for broke.  One of the options is a bit more involved, but way more eye-catching, so I am working up the sample now and will put the class together in the next week or so.

It is called OH MY STARS 

Here is one a student made in class.  I totally love and (and so does she).  I need to run downstairs to my studio and take a picture of some of the blocks I have up on my wall.  It is a Christmas jelly roll and I can't wait to get it done and photographed.

And look at these cool strip sets I am using to cut my triangle units?  Adorable what?

Did I mention it is put together in rows and there are no set-in seams????  Yea, my kinda quilt.


  1. How fun is that!!! So many possibilities!! Love it!!!!!

  2. Hello Reeze,
    Will this be an online class? If so, I'm IN!

  3. Love Oh My Stars, don't have time for classes, but will definitely check for the pattern!


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