Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Southwest Sunrise Block 1 Tutorial

Assemble the tools you will need:

You will need the template pages from the pattern, 
Steam A Seam 2 Lite fusible web, 
an applique pressing sheet or Fusamat,
a thin Sharpee to trace templates, 
a pair of sharp scissors for cutting out fusible and fabric, 
a pair of bent nose tweezers, 
transparent tape, 
blue painters tape, 
applique placement guide from the pattern.

To assemble the applique placement guide from the pattern you will need to tape the pages together on the registration lines.

Trim off the right edge of page 1 of the guide on the registration line.

Place the left page over the right page and tape with the pattern lines perfectly aligned.

Turn the two pages over and tape over the whole seam from the back.
Do the same thing to the two bottom sheets of the placement guide.

Cut off the top of the two lower pages on the registration lines.

Tape the bottom pages to the top pages on the registration lines.


The applique placement guide in your pattern has been labeled for you with the template letter and the placement order.

Draw a 12" square around the pots to show the finished size of the block.  Draw a center line down the middle of the block horizontally and vertically.  You will use those lines later when you are ready to place the applique on the background fabric.

Set the placement guide aside and get the fabrics you plan to use for the applique.  If using fabric from the kits match up the template with the label on each fabric in the kit.

Press all the fabric to remove creases and wrinkles.

Trace the applique templates on the yellow gridded side of the fusible web using a fine line Sharpee.

Label each template with the template letter and color from the pattern.

Cut out around each traced template.  DO NOT cut out on the traced lines.

For any template larger than 2" cut out the middle -- or window -- the traced template.  Leave about 1/4" of fusible around the INSIDE of the traced template.

Place the templates on the selected applique fabric.  Remove the paper from the back of the fusible and press the template onto the WRONG SIDE of the fabric.

If you are using Steam A Seam 2 Lite, you can finger press the templates to the fabric.  If using any other fusible product, you will need to fuse the template to the fabric with a warm or hot iron, depending on the product you are using.

Cut out each template ON THE TRACED LINES using a sharp pair of scissors.

Tape the applique layout guide to a pressing surface or table.
Place an applique pressing sheet or Fusamat on top of the layout guide.  Tape or pin both in place so they do not shift.

Watch the video to see how to place each piece of the applique onto the applique pressing sheet.


Adjust the outside edges of the applique so they sit right on the outer line of the layout guide.

Press the applique to the pressing sheet.  Allow the applique to cool completely on the pressing sheet.

When cool, peel the applique off the pressing sheet and set it aside while you prepare the applique for the next pot.

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