Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Block of the Month Block 2 Posted

Its February already -- and you won't believe the storm brewing in my yard.  Oh, yea, I bet you would since this is the "killer storm" of 2011 that has dumped snow and ice on about half the country! 

View out of my back door to the screened in porch.  The screens were plastered with snow!

The view out of my front door.  That is hubby's patrol car.  It is parked in our driveway as he had to drive his 4WD truck to work today.  Note to the complacent:  He already dug it out once today and it is re-buried!!  LOL
 Even the critters are enjoying this snow day:

Rockie the Wonder Dog was sacked out in the living room.  He was toast after romping in the snow while I shoveled a now non-existent path to the mailbox.
Betty Bat the Black Cat is sacked out on my bed, curled up on my night gown which I forgot to fold and put away.  The rat! 
Filippa the Flamingo in my front yard is not quite so happy.  She usually sits among the rose bushes and preens, but today she has got one toe hoisted in the air to avoid standing in the cold snow.  I told her to come in but she just stood there frozen like some kind of metal yard art!!!  What is she thinking????

Sooooo. . . . . .If like me, you are at home because of the snow (can you spell YIPEE??) you are spending some time quilting or cruising the net, reading blogs. . . .or getting ready to work on the

Click HERE to download the Instructions and optional paper foundation pattern for Block 2!!

Jewels in the Crown BOM 2
This one is called Beacon Lights and is totally fun to make.  I just love these colors.  Of course yours can be in whatever colors YOU love. 

Just remember to make your block THIS MONTH and post a picture in the Flicker JEWELSBOM folder to be entered in the monthly drawing for FQs, patterns, magazines, and other quilty goodies!!

Click here to go to JEWELSBOM and post a picture of your February BOM Block

And now for the winner of the the January BOM:  I spun the dial on the old Random Number Generator at the bottom of my blog and here was the result:

So then I trotted back to the Flicker JEWELSBOM page to see who # 16 was and it was this block:

Don't you love the great colors in this block. . . and especially that terrific print which pulls all the colors together.  Wow!
 You can go look and see for yourself.  I counted to # 16 and this was the one.  Thank goodness for Random Number Generators because I could never have picked one by myself!  They are all just too Beautiful!  I love all the wonderful colors you have all chosen.  So creative!!!

So then I had to go back to my computer to identify who's block it was, and it belongs to:

Becky Fiedler down in Sunny Florida

Congratulations Becky. . . the winner of the January BOM drawing.  You will win a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine, a stack of FQ's and a copy of the Frosty Carnations Pattern from the Feb. Quilter's World!!!!  Send me your address at Morning Glory Designs and I will have your goodies in the mail as soon as I can dig out of my driveway and hubby moves his patrol car!  Of course my car is safe in the garage with his car parked outside --------- right behind mine!  LOL

I can't wait to see what your February BOM blocks look like as I put together another fun bunch of goodies to send to the February winner!!!!

Thanks so much for checking into my blog and participating in this years BOM.  You rock!


  1. I was so excited about getting the February block, I checked Google Reader 3 times already today. I didn't remember the drawing. Oh, today is such a lucky day!

    Thank you for the goodies, but mostly thank you for this beautiful project! I am sending warm, 74 degree thoughts your way!

  2. Oh, Brrrr. I'm near Wichita and we're getting the snow, wind and really cold temperatures too. Currently a wind chill warning in effect. Thanks for posting Block #2 because tomorrow will be another really good day to stay inside where its warm and quilt!

    Congratulations to Rebecca for winning the goodies!

  3. HMMM, It keeps saying the link is broken.

    I haven't started yet, and may not get to for awhile, but I have the button posted and will start someday!

  4. It's a nice block, but indeed, the link is broken. Hope it will be fixed. Thanks in advance.


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