Monday, February 28, 2011

OOPS! Corrected an error in BOM Block 3

Thanks to a very sharp quilter (Thanks Sue!!!) an error in the cutting list for Block 3 was found and corrected.  If you have already downloaded the Block of the Month Jewels in the Crown block 3, please download the corrected version.  It is the same link so just click HERE, scroll down to Block 3, click on the block and you will be able to get the corrected version.

Phew, I hate when I make a big old hairy typing mistake like this, but I sure appreciate the sharp eyes of all of you quilters who spot my mistakes and send me corrections.  Thanks for participating in my Jewels in the Crown Block of the month.

Oh. . . .and tomorrow I will randomly select the winner of the February block.  So be sure to make Block 2 and post a picture on the Flicker JEWELSBOM site:

I just took a peek at the pictures and they are gorgeous.  I even saw a picture for block 3 up there!!!  Some of you are really speedy!! (and fixed the cutting mistake on your own!!).

Rock on!!

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