Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wednesday Quilt Show

The Wednesday Quilt Show is a feature of "Forty Two Quilts" a blog by designer and author Jenifer Dick.  She shares some great pictures of wonderful designs on her blog each Wednesday.  Well guess what?  This Wednesday she is featuring my Frosty Carnations Quilt  -- from the February issue of Quilter's World -- on her Wednesday Quilt Show!!!  Check it out along with the other incredible designs she offers.  It is total eye candy.

In the mean time I am working on my next quilt and here is a little preview.

This quilt is call "Bath of Apolausis" and is made to resemble the mosaic stone work in the floor of the classical bath.  I am using Stonehenge fabrics from Northcot to reproduce the  look of stone and marble.  It has been so fun to make!  I am almost done with the blocks and ready to start assembly.  I still have the border to do, and that is a bit over the top and will take a while I am affraid.  I will post more pics once I get the blocks off the design wall and put together.

I have to tell you, this is a very un-Reeze-like quilt.  But it is growing on me!  LOL


  1. I love your carnations...wish I could do it too. It's really amzingly beautiful.

  2. Beautiful applique! Love those fabric choices for your tile quilt!



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