Friday, November 26, 2010

What I am working on. . .

I am working on a quilt which will be featured in Quilter's World next year.  I have a November 30 deadline to get it done and I am making good progress.  All I have left is the quilting.  here is what one block looks like.

This quilt was inspired by a vintage embroidery design I found in an old book. It depcted an antique bridesw bowl with roses spilling out of it.  I redrew one of the roses and several of the leaves and played around with the parts until I got a composition I liked.  Then I used it to create a bed runner design for a Victorian decor.

I found an article talking about how to make a bed runner here:  How to Make a Bed Runner

According to this article, "It is the modern equivalent of the heavily quilted Bedspreads of the highly indulgent times!"  I found examples that are made of silk or tapestry, highly ornate with embroidery and embellishments.
This bed runner is much simpler and uses piping between the blocks to make a striking statement.  The fused and machine appliqued rose motifs in shades of pinks and greens really gives it a Victorian feel.  I'll post pictures of the quilting when I get it done.

Watch for the pattern coming in Quilter's World magazine next summer.


  1. The block is so beautiful. I love the idea of Bed Runners. Something small enough to work on inbetween other things that will make a huge impact. Can't wait to see it in full.

  2. The block is beautiful and the quilt design is, too. I can't believe we will have to wait until next summer.


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