Sunday, November 21, 2010

Patchwork Posse Round Robin

This week look for a border I designed for the Patchwork Posse Round Robin.  I designed a Seminole pieced border for the third border in this totally fun and totally FREE round robin.
This was a fun project to do.  I haven't done a round robin in a long time and this one was very cute.  I dug out my EQ7 to do the heavy lifting and came up with a fun design that is very easy to piece. 
Here is my border:
And here is what the border looks like added to the quilt so far.
Click Here to download this border pattern only
See below to get all the patterns for the Round Robin.

Of course I had to add my own fabrics to the design and splash it up with some bright colors in my favorite palate. If you want to play along click HERE to go to the Patchwork Posse.  Each month a new designer adds a border, alternating between tops and bottoms one month and sides the next month.  I am the side #3 designer!  LOL


  1. Reese where are your directions for this part? I am having trouble finding any of you ladies directions. Is this a private Round Robin only for certain people .That is okay just post it as such. Patty

  2. I have posted a link to my pattern on my post. You can download it directly from my blog. Also, please click on the Patchwork Posse site, as I am sure by now she has it posted on her blog as well. Sorry for the confusion. Reeze

  3. Blog hopping over the weekend and found your round of the Row Robin. LOVE. At first sight! I need to do the applique now so I can put your "row" on. Stash busting some of the favorite fabric colors I seem to have been hanging onto forever.

    (Using stash fabric is as good as working on a UFO...right?'s all your fault I put down a UFO Busting project and started something new!)


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