Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Pictures of the Roses Around Bed Runner

I took some pictures of my progress with quilting the Roses Around bed runner I am working on.  Here is what the completed top looks like.

This thing is huge.  It is only 28" wide but my 6' tall husband was holding it up for me and his arms were over his head!  Yikes.  But that means it will fit nicely on the bed.
Here is a closeup of the edge-stitching I am doing on all the flowers and leaves. 

They are all machine appliqued.  Today I realized that I needed to do the quiltling in the center of the blocks before finishing the blanket stitching.  The quilt was taking some abuse while I was flopping it around on my machine and I thought I needed to get it more stable before finishing.  So of course I took it to my friend and machine quilting diva, Brenda Weien, who will work her feather magic on it for me.  Then I will finish the flowers and binding and send it off.

I also found a picture of another design I did featuring this motif.  I may do this one some time, perhaps as a stand alone pattern.  What do you think?  Too much applique?

I know you are asking yourself why a life long Tom Boy is designing such girly girl quilts.  Well, you may not know that I was a tom boy as a kid, so you are probably not asking yourself that question, so never mind.  But I sure wonder what misfired in my brain at some point in my life.  I guess since I could never wear those size 8 cute girly clothes I design girly looking quilts!  Hmmm, I don't think I was ever a size 8.  And that is another thing I like about quilts.  One size really does fit all!!!  LOL


  1. Love it and I am not a girlie girl either. I think the square version would be a nice pattern alone too. People love your patterns in the shop! Great idea to do a bed runner. People come in looking for those patterns too and so far we have only found a book of the patterns. You are cutting edge as usual!

  2. There's NEVER too much applique. Your bed runner is inspiring me. I need a new one, the one I have doesn't go with the new quilt that's on the bed. That's a good project for the new year, January is always boring.

  3. I read that post and learned so much about you!! I saw a size 8 once and blinked and it was over. lol Beautiful quilt those Reeze. Sounds like a biggie!


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